I’m on a mission to help musicians and artists thrive in a fast changing world.

Diethard Struelens

My name is Diethard and I am the founder and CEO at Artfuse, and based in Hasselt. I’m also a classically trained cellist.

I have a life long passion for creating and building out creative communities and for connecting like-minded, creative individuals. This is how Artfuse came into existence – a matchmaking platform for the creative sector, that empowers, connects and supports creatives in their professional development towards success.

I myself have a background in music, art and entertainment, fused with entrepreneurship. So far I’ve spent time in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and the United States and Belgium again.

I currently live in the beautiful Belgian town of Engsbergen, together with my girlfriend Sandra, our dogs Pepper and Olive, six chickens named after the cast of Friends and a vegetable garden.